Young Professionals

Message from Razik Shaikh (
Section Director):

The Oman Section of the Society of Petroleum Engineers prides itself in having one of the earliest active YP groups in the Middle East region.  The origins of the YP initiative stems back to 2004 when SPE President Elect Giovanni Paccaloni set out to bridge the gap between the mature technical professionals and the younger generation entering the industry.  Paccaloni had noticed that the best way to enhance the potential of a newcomer to the industry was to allow them to have their own group within the society and allow the practicing industry professionals to connect, counsel and engage with the YP’s as necessary.

The key phrases of the Young Professionals within the SPE are to:

Get Involved, Get Informed and Get Ahead.  The objectives of the YP section in Oman do not differ greatly from those of the SPE YP, in that we wish all YP’s in the Oman Section to have an opportunity to enhance their development as young engineers within their specific technical disciplines and we aim to assist in any way to help you achieve your career goals.

So what are we, in the Oman YP Section offering? 

Firstly we are here to offer you career guidance, and counseling from people who would have come across similar problems/issues such as yourself – i.e. your peers.  We can offer advice and suggest strategies that can assist you both in your technical and personal career development.

Secondly, we will listen to what you need with respect to training and try to deliver these needs in terms of workshops and seminars.  We are talking about soft skills such as presentation skills and career development tips as opposed to pure technical development.

Thirdly, the YP group intends to meet regularly and organize social activities specifically for the YP community within the Section.  These will include Bowling Competitions, Quiz Nights, Cinema Shows and Picnics.  However, the list is wide open as you, the section members will choose what we do.

So, get to know your Oman Section YP Committee.  They are there to serve you and tell them what you want to do, or how they can help you and they will Listen and act upon your request as best they can.