Formation of YP in Oman

SPE Oman YP – Launch and Activities Update 2005-2006

The following writeup outlines the progress of Young Professional (YP) Program in Oman right from its initiation to its current level of growth and activity. Most of these articles were published in “The Way Ahead”, SPE quarterly publication. So the story unfolds….

Ever since the YEPP presentation at the Middle East Regional Council meeting, held during the Middle East Oil and Gas Show (MEOS) Bahrain, March 2005, there has been no looking back for the young professionals (yps) in the Middle East (ME). The period from March to June has seen an increase in the yps activities, in an effort to establish a strong YEPP section in the many of the countries in the Middle East. The following article is a brief account of such activities to make people around world aware of what we in the Middle East have been upto, to encourage them to provide feedback and join in the support of the yps.

The first of such activities began with the YEPP introduction and presentation at the SPE monthly meeting in Muscat, Oman. A plenary session was held with the SPE team from Dubai comprising of Ross Davidson, Regional Director for SPE Middle East, May Asmer and Louissa Henderson, driving all the way down from Dubai, UAE to show their support and commitment towards YEPP in the ME. The 30 minute session saw a good exchange of thoughts and ideas on how to establish YEPP and why it was important in the ME and what needs to be done to achieve the YEPP goals over the coming year. The SPE Oman section also pledged to support YEPP and promised to back up any YEPP initiative during the SPE session starting September 2005 to June 2006. Already plans are in progress for creating the YEPP Oman board and for YEPP activities in the coming months (Picture 1)

Figure1: Left:Tony presenting at the Oman SPE meeting, Right: Asma Balushi(L) and Salima Mahruqi discussing on how to best establish YEPP in Oman. 

The first major event done by the newly formed YP in Oman was in November 2005 with a kickoff event called Petro-Quiz. The event was organized by the newly formed YEPP team. The Petro-Quiz night was held at the Petroleum Development Oman Oil and Gas Exhibition Center and was intended to get YEPPs from operators and service companies together in an evening full of knowledge sharing and fun.

As with any competition, only one team could win. Three young professionals left with a big smile, but the rest of the attendees were not forgotten. Everybody left with a souvenir from YEPP Oman. The event also featured poster displays: the creative work of Marwan Zadjali and Hamed Al Jabri. The posters displayed an overview of the YEPP organization and its role in the petroleum industry. A questionnaire was prepared to solicit feedback from attendees on their interests and ideas for future events. A social gathering followed.

A great lesson was learned from the Petro-Quiz night: As simple as the questions were, we tended to complicate our thinking and come up with the wrong answers. So keep to the basics and keep things simple in life.

Figure 2: Participants of the Petro-Quiz 
An extension to the OMAN-YEPP

After the launch of the SPE parented YEPP network in Oman and the start of activities for the Petroleum Development Oman Young Professionals Network, the committees of both networks got together and had a discussion where they found that they share the same goals and type of activities so a decision was made to combine the two networks to strive for the same goals and do the same activities and events under one umbrella as YEPP. This new wide network will have a combined committee that is split into 3 working groups:

o Ideas and Program Group. 
o Events Execution & Treasury Group. 
o Publicity and Communication Group.

These groups work together in delivering focused activities and events that are having clear targets and goals in solving common problems or bringing an opportunity for development for the young professionals. (Saud Al-Salmi, Production Geologist, PDO)

OMAN-YEPP activities o 24th December 2005 (Self Development): PDO-YEPP organized a talk by Sheikh Khalfan Esry (PDO Corporate HSE and SD Manager and certified personal development instructor) on self development and target achievement. Sheikh Khalfan explained the importance of being clear and specific on personal targets. Additionally, to make informed choices one needs to understand his mind and the influence of the “outer world” and his “inner world. More than 50 YEPPs attended the talk and participated in the discussion. (Ibrahim Ismaili Production Seismologist, PDO) o 4th February 2006 (NLP): The PDO YEPP had organised an introductory talk on NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) on the topic of "Human Excellence Engineering" by Ahmed Al-Maskery, a certified NLP practitioner. The talk was aiming to introduce the concept of NLP to YEPPs and how it can be applied in their job or life. It was well attended by more than 35 YEPPs where the first comers were given gifts to encourage attending. (Khamis Al-Abdali Reservoir Engineer, PDO) In addition to the above the YP in Oman were active in the following events: § Organising a talk on " Career Development in a fast changing E&P world Seminar". 2nd of May. § The participation in the SQU Science week (starting 25th of Feb). § Engagement session with MENAN. § Participation in the Oil and Gas West Asia Conference (9-11) April. *Please find attached further documents highlighting the presence of the YP from Oman at the IPTC, Qatar 2005 in being part of the team leading the education day effort and in putting together plans for the first SPE YP workshop for the middle east.